Feelings about coming to the Embrace group

A view from someone who attends an Embrace group

“For the first time I feel I can be myself and I feel that people just get me. 

My mental health can feel bad at times but going to our group and meeting friends helps me feel less alone.

I am looking forward to the Bingo Event, I am feeling lucky about that as I think I am going to win. “

We'd like to hear from you

This journey is only beginning and we would like you to be part of it. 

To build  the best community, we need to share our experiences. Everybody should have a say and everyone will be listened to.

Whether you have a story you feel would help someone else in the care-experience community, if you have a view on how Caring in Fife could improve, or if you'd like to be directly involved we want to hear from you.

This community will be better by including you.

Call us on

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Phoneline is open during normal office hours (9am-5pm) Monday - Friday.

Or complete the contact form here.

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