Kinship Care – a Grandmother’s perspective

Helping three boys grow

“The three kids were going to be taken off my daughter and put into foster care, they were all getting split up, going to different places. I couldn’t let that happen, so I said I’d take them and it’s the best decision I ever made! 

“It makes me feel good helping my family, helping them become the best people they can be, knowing they don’t have to worry, knowing they’re safe living with gran, they have clean beds, clean clothes, home cooked meals and they are loved.

“The issues the boys came with caused by the trauma they had been through, bed wetting, self-harm etc. They don’t do that anymore but it’s something that you have to think about and be prepared to help them with.

“When one child takes ill and ends up in hospital, if you’re on your own like me, I couldn’t devote my whole attention to my grandson that was very ill, as I still had the other two to try and make sure they still ate a proper meal and were cared for. I have only ever been away from my boys for one day in five years.

“My oldest grandson is his own place now and the other two are doing well too. When you see them growing from scared wee boys into big strapping lads, it makes me very proud that I’ve helped them get there.

“If the need comes up for you to become a kinship carer then do it. Help the children as best you can, money isn’t everything, all they need is to feel safe, secure and feel loved and supported, you don’t need money to do that. I don’t like praise but I’m learning to accept it now, it’s no easy ride but it’s worth it.”

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