The House Project

Making a big change in a person’s life

“I would like to say that having the opportunity to be on the House Project has completely helped to change my life in many ways, I was really nervous at the beginning of the project and was unsure just how much I would be supported, but after only meeting my worker a few times I was able to just be myself and felt that she was there to support me at all costs and nothing was a trouble. I have felt that I am able to ask for support and know that this will be given.

“I have attended at the base and attended the group sessions. I also went on a residential with the group and this helped us to build good relationships.

“I was able to find confidence to find a job until I started my college, I have passed my driving test and have been offered my own tenancy now and I think that without the support of the House Project I would not have been able to achieve all I have achieved in a short space of time. 

“I’m hoping to apply for an apprenticeship with Fife Council as I finish my college course in June and have been thinking about my future and career, this is something I have discussed with my worker in my 1-1 sessions.

“I am feeling confident for getting my keys for my house and know the House Project and my worker will be there to support me if I need it, and I would absolutely recommend any young person leaving care to apply for The House Project.

“I’m thankful that people believed in me and I was given this opportunity.”

We'd like to hear from you

This journey is only beginning and we would like you to be part of it. 

To build  the best community, we need to share our experiences. Everybody should have a say and everyone will be listened to.

Whether you have a story you feel would help someone else in the care-experience community, if you have a view on how Caring in Fife could improve, or if you'd like to be directly involved we want to hear from you.

This community will be better by including you.

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